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Baddies Who Read

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Baddies Who Read is so much more than monthly meetings – it's a community with zero expectations and plenty of topics to explore. Looking for books to add to your TBR pile? Reading playlists? Fun friends?! This home has something for everyone and members are encouraged to use the space however fits them best.

Steph, Laura, and Bri took their excitement around new book releases and channeled it into a group chat that eventually became Baddies Who Read. In this home you'll find screenshots of books they're currently reading, impassioned paragraphs on what not to read, and the best recommendations for getting out of a reading slump.

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About the Authors

Steph, Laura, and Bri are three college friends who now live all over the US.

Steph is an ex-wedding photographer turned contemporary romance writer based in Portland, OR. For fun, she binges high school dramas, blasts Taylor Swift, and devours fantasy books with morally ambiguous lovers.

Laura is the life of the party, as she is always down to hype you up and chat! A year ago, she and her husband moved to Charlotte, NC so that she could follow her dreams at a local non-profit. In her down time, you can catch Laura cheering on a home team, hitting up the latest coffee shop or restaurant, and reading a good book of course!

Bri is a Brooklyn-born Latina navigating life one cafecito at a time. She loves to spend time with her friends and family exploring the city, finding new restaurants, or sunbathing with a new book in hand. Also, she never misses a song on the dance floor. In addition to her position as a Programmatic Advertising Manager for Hasbro, she strives to mentor peers and interns with goals to achieve great success personally and professionally.